If you plan a visit to the Kolti Camp located in the wedges of the Himalayan Foot Hills, located in Uttarakhand, India.

How do I get to the Kolti Camp?

The Nearest Railway Station is the Dehradun Railway Station (45 Kms away)
The Nearest Bus Stand is the Tehri Bus Stand (4.4 Kms away)

“As the Kolti Camp is inaccessible by road, we encourage our visitors to travel light and start early in the day as they will have to hitch-hike it to the top of the hill, we do have the option of riding a mule from a certain point upwards if you cannot seem to complete the hike on your own.”

– Guddu Panwar, Owner Of The Campsite.

How long is the trek to the Kolti Village?

The trek on an average is about 2.5 hours from Landour.

How many routes that lead to the Kolti Campsite?

There are 3 trekking routes that lead you to the village with starting points at:

    • Jabarkhet – Easy
    • Lal Tibba – Medium
    • Cemetery – Tough

There are yellow tiles with green writing guiding you through the trek.

Is there good connectivity at the Kolti Campsite?

Yes, the area gets a strong signal from the “Airtel” towers around.

Are there charging points for my devices?

No, we suggest that you carry a portable charger and in the day visit the nearby village to get some electricity. We want to build a “Traveller’s Inn”

Are there any hospitals or clinics close by?

The nearest hospital is St. Mary’s Hospital, The Mall Road; Mussoorie; Uttarakhand 248179; India (5.5 Kms away).

“You can approach any of the village houses or small cottages for help, they are more than ready to help you out! “

Are there any ATM’s near the camp?

  • Union Bank Of India ATM  (5.6 km away)
  • Icici Bank ATM (5.7 km away)
  • Bank Of Baroda ATM (5.7 km away)
  • HDFC Bank ATM (5.7 km away)
  • Axis Bank Ltd (5.9 km away)

What will I see at the Kolti Campsite?

The Kolti Region boasts of a beautiful landscape, good weather and fertile mountain lands for farmers to cultivate healthy fruits and vegetables, while the wildlife thrives in their natural rich habitat.

Vegetables in the Kolti Region

campsite vegetables landour vegetable mussoorie


If you’re one to have a closer look at organic farming or learn about flora and fauna in the Himalayan Region, this would be quite the adventure!

Fruits in the Kolti Region


fruit kolti camp kingod apricot himalaya escape delhi


We want to make the Kolti Camp an ultimate escape from our monotonous lives. Please help us make this collective dream a reality by contributing in whatever way you can to our project.