Kolti village is a beautiful small village with 43 houses, about 300 inhabitants and perhaps a higher number of goats. Inaccessible by road, it is a traditional Pahaadi village at a trekking distance of about 9 km (3hrs) from Landour. The villagers are very welcoming and invite you into their homes to talk about their day-to-day lives and will even enjoy a meal together with you! The Kolti Camp is a perfect spot to breathe in the freshness of the Himalayan Foothills’ natural beauty as it overlooks the small houses in the village. It’s also hard to miss the soothing sounds of nature while sipping on a cup of freshly made chai.     To make a lunch booking, please let us know (48 hours) prior to your visit. 3 Trekking routes to take you to the village with starting points at
  • Jabarkhet – Easy
  • Lal Tibba – Medium
  • Cemetery – ToughJust follow the arrows!
We also provide mules to carry your tents and luggage.